Eye Drops

Do you suffer from dry, irritated eyes? Weblens has a wide range of eye drops that moisturize and refresh your eyes. You can order your eye drops online at a very affordable price!

If you do not create sufficient tears, the contact lens can rub against the cornea. This can give a tired feeling and red eyes. The quality of your tear fluid is also important. If your eyes produce too much tear fluid in contrast to insufficient tears, the quality of the tears is not good. The eye gives a signal to the lacrimal gland that more tears have to be produced, resulting in an abundance of tears. You may recognize this feeling during walking or cycling trips. A solution for this is 'artificial tears', more commonly known as eye drops. Eye drops for lenses ensure humidification and refreshment of dry eyes and ensure the maintenance of sufficient tears. Eye drops can also provide a better quality of your own tears.

Weblens offers a wide range of comfort drops, such as Blink Intensive Tears eye drops for contact lenses. Blink Intensive Tears are eye drops that moisturize your eyes and ensure that your natural tear fluid is improved. All our eye drops are ideal for both lens carriers and non-lens carriers.

Do you need eye drops? Buy eye drops directly from Weblens! Take a look at our range and order your eye drops online!

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