Refund via your Mutualiteit

a short summary...

Most mutualities provide an intervention when purchasing new glasses or contact lenses. Because the allowance for each health insurance company is a bit different we have listed a short summary for you here.


Christian mutuality

At the CM, the intervention depends on your age. Anyone under the age of 18 can receive a refund up to 50 euros. For people older than 18 years, that is up to 40 euros. Incidentally, the intervention is at CM annually.

All info can be found via this link to the CM website.


Liberal health insurance

At the Liberale mutualiteit you enjoy a refund of glasses, glasses, contact lenses or eye plasters. They pay up to 50 € and this regardless of your age. This intervention can be obtained annually.

All info can be found via this link to the Liberale Mutualiteit website.


Neutral Health Insurance Fund Flanders

Here you receive an annual contribution of 50 € on glasses, lenses or eye patches. In order to receive this refund, you must be able to submit an invoice with all necessary information regarding your correction. Did you know that you can get an extra reimbursement every four years with a prescription from the ophthalmologist?

All info can be found via this link to the website of Neutraal Ziekenfonds Vlaanderen.


Independent health insurance

OZ pays an annual contribution of 50 € per member of the family for glasses, glasses or lenses. This intervention also applies to eye plasters and sunglasses on strength. Since March 2017 you can also receive 75% of your glasses with Medicalia in addition to this allowance.

All info can be found via this link to the OZ website.


Partena Health Insurance

At Partena they pay 50 € every year on glasses, contact lenses, eye patches and even for glasses and sunglasses without strength. You also do not have to be in possession of a prescription.

All information can be found via this link to the website of Partena Ziekenfonds.


Socialist Mutuality

An annual 50 € reimbursement applies to Bond Moyson Oost-Vlaanderen for eye plasters, spectacles and contact lenses. This applies to invoices since 1 January 2016. Because Bond Moyson is reimbursed regionally, we refer you to the Bond Moyson website for all details.



The RIZIV (National Institute for Disability and Disability Insurance) provides interventions for children under 18, for anyone older than 18 years with a deviation of at least +/- 8.25 and for anyone older than 65 with progressive glasses and a deviation of at least +/- 4.25. To make use of this reimbursement, you must always be able to submit the optician's bill and the ophthalmologist's prescription (valid for 6 months).

Refund via your Mutualiteit